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Are you using ILLEGAL Images in Your Marketing?

Are You UNSURE If you Are or Not?

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PLR Photographs

A Few Samples From This Awesome Hand Picked Collection Below…


Introducing PLR Photographs

Most Marketers are aware of the importance of using great images in their marketing.

Grabbing and Keeping peoples attention these days is getting more and more difficult. With all the information at our finger tips, people want to consume and consume fast.


Never before has the phrase…

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

…been more true than today!

The right image can “hook” your customer and keep them on your sales page for longer. Great images can mean more sales.

Keep readers coming back to your blog for more and explode your audience growth.

PLR Photographs is the “cream of the crop”, the very best in emotion packed images.

All photographs and images are copyright free. You may, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required.

Take This Rare Opportunity To Grab This Pack of 1,024 Hi Definition Images Today

PLR Photographs

Are You Paying Way Over the Odds?

Buying from stock photo websites can put a serious dent in your pocket. Some images can cost as much a $40 a pop!

So with PLR Photographs, you get over 1,000 Hi-Definition, High-Impact Images for less than the price of one stock photo. The images shown here are only a very small sample of what you get inside.

Below are Some Examples of Prices You Will Pay For Images At Stock Image Sites

Shutter Stock Pricing Info

iStock Photo Pricing Info


Plenty of Time on Your Hands?

Searching for and selecting the right images can be time consuming a frustrating. Finding the best image to sell your message or call to action can take some time. If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands that’s great.

If not then you simply can’t afford to pass up this opportunity to get over 1,000  high quality hand picked images all for less than $0.01 per photo. All photos are categorized so you are more organised and can find them easily when you need them.

These photos have been carefully selected from many 1,000’s of images by an expert designer.


Are You Taking Unnecessary Risks?

Searching for images and photos on google is definitely super easy but unfortunately, it is no longer an option.

Too many marketers, authors and website owners have been caught out and ended up paying thousands by not obtaining the correct licenses for their images.

These companies will not simply issue a warning, they will actively persue you through the courts, a mistake which could costs you $1,000. So why take the risk when you can remove all that worry buy just picking up PLR Photographs today?

PLR Photographs



Our images are CC0 which means they are copyright free with no attribution required. You can also use them for commercial purposes, for example by using them on projects for clients. All normal laws attributed to CC0 material also applies to PLR Photographs. Read Full License Information Here if you have any queries.

Don’t continue to gamble with your business and grab this collection today for ultimate piece of mind!


The Use of even Just One Unlawful Image on Your Website Could Cost You Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars or in Worst Case, The Loss of Your Entire Business!

It Actually Happens More Often Than You Think and Stock Image Companies Make Big Profits from Hunting Down Offenders. 

Please Don’t Let This Happen to You. Especially When You Can Pick This Pack Up For Less Than A Cent Per Image.


What You Will Get

                          1000+ hi-def photos & images (3.25gb of total content!)

                          Freedom of personal use and to pass onto clients without worry.

                          Bundle and resell them on your website

                          Add Impact to your Sales Pages, Social Media and Advertising campaigns

                          Add Impact to your Kindle e-books

                          Install them on your clients websites

                          use them in website and projects you flip

                          Use them in Photoshop, Youzign, Canva, or to create logos

                          Use them to design your product E-Covers

                          Use them as background images for your webforms

                                                                                               … the possibilities are endless


PLR Photographs 

Here’s a Small Sample of the 1,024 Hi Definition Images You Will Get Today…

The images come in a variety of formats from standard classic print to Portrait and even full panoramic.

Supercharge your image infantry by grabbing PLR Photographs today.

Grab This Awesome Offer Before It’s Too Late.

The Price Increases With Every Sale!

PLR Photographs



We Have Hand Picked Only The Very Best Images for Our Projects … But What Do My Customers Think?

“Stunned by the Quality”

I’m stunned by the quality and brilliance of these PLR Photographs that you have put together. I have purchased other photos and I thought they were pretty good but yours are on another level. As I go through the 5 different categories, I’m coming up with all kinds of ideas to use them on my websites and Social media accounts, so kudos to you and keep me in the loop on anything else you do in the future.

John Walsh–Internet Marketer & Infopreneur


“Amazing HD Images”

Awesome HD images categorized by any niche you can think of. Shaun really blew the hats off for this collection.

Oyekunle Damola–Digital Marketing Consultant


“1 Word Sums It Up. Excellent!”

Was lucky to get a review glimpse of Shaun’s PLR set. 1 word sums it up. Excellent! Very high quality graphics for a wide range of niches. Already selected several for my current Niche Site. Sound marketing investment IMO.

Phil Home–Digital Marketer

“Exceptional Value for money”

We all know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”

So, here we have no fewer than one million words delivered via 1000 fantastic high quality photographic images! These images will make a really valuable edition for anyone at all who is publishing online content…

All the images are of stunning quality and are perfect for enhancing website content and also social media posting. They will certainly help you stand out from the crowd and offer exceptional value for money.

Paul Carr–Internet Marketer

“Images are Everything”

Images are everything when it comes to grabbing the attention of viewers and Shaun’s PLR product will help you do just that….Shaun’s hooking you up with awesome pictures for your website or opt-in pages. These are targeted pictures will help you out no matter what your niche is.

Mike Baine–Online Marketer

Iron-Clad Guarantee

100% Iron-Clad Guarantee

We guarantee you will love the PLR Photographs Collection and offer a cast-iron money-back guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the photo pack you’re getting today, we’ll instantly refund your money.

Simply contact us and we’ll process your request lightning-fast.

Our helpdesk details are listed at the bottom of this page.

PLR Photographs

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